First big kid trip to the carnival!

My kids are growing.  Like, way too fast!  Today I told Natalie she was hungry so often I was sure she was growing and she thought about it for a minute and quite enthusiastically declared I was right, that she had never been this tall before! ….so true!

This became very apparent to me when we entered the carnival this weekend and Luke was tall enough to ride on what was, in my opinion, the scariest grown-up ride there! Oh how I wish I’d captured a picture of this thing. Not only did it swing from extreme side-to-side, it twisted its passengers around til they were looking straight at the ground. I know that doesn’t sound impressive in blog form but it was nuts! I thought for sure he’d be scared of any more rides, but we actually had an overly exhausted cry, when leaving much too late, because the ride was shut down and he couldn’t do it again. And he’s not usually the daredevil of the two!

All stamped up and ready to ride!

We were so lucky to win unlimited ride passes from following a local station on Twitter so we rode everything.  A lot.  And stayed up far too late in the process.  Late enough for there to be some crying over the obtainment of water, rather than sweet tea, after we left.  As if this is unusual?  The bumper cars were a hit! …hahaha…I just made myself laugh out loud writing that.  Really helped me make the determination not to let my kids drive home.  I told them I was going to bump them, but Natalie protested… “Mommy! Please don’t bump us! We’re your kids!” All the more reason? Hmmm…

Time for takeoff!

Time for takeoff!

Natalie was especially a fan of the giant swing.  I liked it too, and made it through almost the entire evening of spinning, bumping, running, yelling without a headache.  Until we reached the Vortex, which Natalie could only ride with a grown-up.  And I was that grown-up.  Sorry to say, they were tea-cupping it themselves after that mess!

Tea-cuppin it up! Solo.

Tea-cuppin it up! Solo.

The kids also did a great job thanking the police officers they saw their in honor of National Police Week.  I was proud of them 🙂

It’s true, we laugh every day that we’re together.  But we haven’t laughed as much as we did at the carnival in I don’t know how long!  It’s a very different experience with two little kids who aren’t as little as they were last time.

And nobody even threw up :)

And nobody even threw up 🙂



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