Summer is here!

I’ve basically been failing, like, hardcore failing, on updating the blog but I am committed to making time for this beginning this summer!

The kids and I kicked off the weekend watching Maleficent at our local theater which turns movies into experiences!  We didn’t have time to dress up for it before meeting up with other mom/kid friends but it definitely wasn’t the “Sleeping Beauty” I grew up to!  Oddly enough, I reflected on my old experiences watching that movie and did begin to wonder what exactly made her so angry at the royal fam…I suppose it’s just like anything…depends on who’s telling the story!

As expected, the kids ended up on stage at the first opportunity to participate in a magic trick that blew their minds!

Luke and Nat Stage

We spent a lot of time at the lake beach getting gorgeously burned with most of the other hermits in southwest Virginia who dared to brave the summer sun with us.  Five hours.  FIVE HOURS we were out there and we had an awesome time, ran into friends, built castles and Luke once again braved the diving board.  A lot.  Natalie was absolutely determined to jump off of it this year and I told her if she could swim the distance to the dock I’d let her.  She wasn’t quite sure, but after watching Luke successfully jump several times she was off.  It did take a few trials, but she finally did it and was great!  I would’ve captured a picture, but I was standing by, you know, just in case little arms got tired!

One of my favorite things…notes from the kids! Luke wrote the top one on a snack bag of crackers labeled for all of us at the beach. 🙂


Plus there was all of the actual beach fun…

Beach Fun Summer 2014

And then there was this note as the kids vicariously learned an important lesson about using sunscreen just in time for their beach trip next week with their dad, “I hope your sun burn feels better soon mommey Signed by Nat to Mom”

Nat Note

And since we missed the trampoline campout because of my pitiful sunburn (and the thought of being chilled to get goosebumps which are NOT FUN with all over sunburn) we made s’mores inside instead!

Smores Luke and Nat

Summer, I am quite confident when I say that THIS family is happy to have you back again!

My family at the lake :)





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