Welcome Back

Remember that time about a year ago when I posted I was committed to staying on top of my blogging? I should’ve clarified I meant 2015 was the beginning of the commitment I was referring to!

Since I’m heading off to meet baby Nora a few hours away from many friends I’ve made both at work, at Church and around in northern VA, and since we have all of the BIG life changes coming up (new baby and all!), I figured it would be a good time to reinvigorate the blog.  Even though I’ve missed a good number of huge updates already…

Our wedding collage!

Our wedding collage!

This week, I’ll be leaving to prep for Nora’s arrival down in Southwest VA. It will be incredible to deliver her so close to our family and friends there, but it will be hard not to share with everyone in Northern VA!  Luckily, social media makes it easy for us to keep everyone updated, and we’re so looking forward to sharing her first pictures with you 🙂