Welcome Baby Nora!

It’s been 7.5 weeks since baby Nora was born, and I have to admit, newborn life is a lot busier than I remember! Let’s see if I can get mostly caught up on the last few weeks to pave the way for more timely updates!

I began my maternity leave here in southwest VA from Fairfax with what I thought was a nice, comfy, 10 day cushion before baby Nora’s due date. Yeah. No such luck. I got in Thursday night/Friday morning and Robbie and I joked that it was our last night NOT having the family together. Luke, Natalie and I spent the weekend packing things up at my parents house and I prepared to have a little R&R before baby Nora came at a date I felt would surely be later. Saturday night strange feeling contractions started and then my water broke while I was staring at myself in the mirror.

Side note: I highly recommend the experience of having to look yourself in the eyes when your water breaks. It’s really…something.

So one 2:30 a.m. shower and a quickly chauffeured trip to the hospital later, we were prepping to meet the newest little princess! Labor was exhausting. And it hurt. I always forget about that part. I always think that I haven’t, but I totally do forget until I’m there in it. I have a few little moments that I will forever remember. One of which is holding perfectly still in terrible pain getting my epidural situated for probably 7 straight hours. I don’t know, some people say that’s an exaggeration but I’m just telling you what I remember. Anyway, the only thing in my vision with my head resting down on my arms was Robbie’s Mr. Rogers “You Are Special” shirt. Now every time he wears it I have this horrible urge to yell “You did this to me!” while immobile.

Baby Nora needed to be born quickly because she was ALL KINDS of wrapped up in her cord. Watching her sleep now that she’s on this side of my stomach, I can totally see why. They said we needed to have the baby, so I delivered! Quickly. Like, three-ish pushes and done quickly. I would’ve dropped my IV bag and walked away, but I worked so hard to be still for my epidural and it insisted I stay in bed.

Photo Oct 09, 2 28 06 AM

Baby Nora arrived a ~1:30ish p.m. on August 16, just in time to meet her overwhelming proud brother and sister, and all of our wonderful family.

I’ll never forget the wonderful feeling of seeing Robbie hold our daughter for the first time. I’ll never forget Luke and Natalie freaking OUT over how cute she was and how tiny her feet were when they saw her for the first time since they’d met her on her birthday.

Photo Aug 16, 5 53 27 PM

A lot of people worry when they have one kid, how they will ever love two, but it always works out. For the record, it’s the same going from two to three. It’s less like splitting a finite amount of love, and more like obtaining a brand new helping of love. And it’s even more awesome because bonus love and affection from everyone that’s here already.

It’s amazing and we’re so happy to have her here. Our family is so full of love. It’s happier and more fulfilling than anything I could have dreamed up for myself. It’s complete.

Five stars.

Would birth again.



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